Monday, April 9, 2012

Whitetail World at Cabela's

During our recent visit to Cabela's, we  went inside the Whitetail World where they showcase  a lot of animals that  you can find in West Virginia.  The following photos where taken by my Samsung Galaxy  phone.  My camera's batter  went dead  so I couldn't take  pictures anymore with it.  Luckily I had my phone with me.

Ms. Burrito tried this hunting game.
The last photo doesn't belong at the White Tail World section.
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Little Pirates

We got Ms. Burrito's costume for their recital this coming June. I was disappointed of the costume because we paid $78 but the quality of the costume is very cheap.  This costume won't cost  more than twenty bucks I believe. The girls are also disappointed because  they probably think that they would have  like a pretty ballerina costume for their recital.  Oh well, Ms. Burrito is done with  dancing anyway.  After the recital, she wants to  take piano lessons instead.
They will be dancing the them song of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Here are the little  pirates practicing their piece.  
One thing that shocked me is the price that you have to pay to have your  child's photo be  placed at their  book/program.  For one  whole page, it is $150.  Not only that, you have to pay for the    photo to be taken but you won't get any copy at all.  Another thing is, you have to design your own page, save it in a disk and submit it or else, you have to pay an additional of $15 for them to do it.   I mean come on,  for the money that they are charging, why don't they do it?  Whew!   We won't  participate on  the  above stuff but we will  pay the required patron fee of $20.  

Sorry for my ranting folks.  Have a great week ahead!