Monday, December 30, 2013

Tooth Fairy's Generosity

Both of my kids lost a tooth  this month.  My daughter lost  her cuspid one week before Christmas and our son lost one  on Christmas Eve.  Pardon for the  sugar bugs, he just got done eating cookies when I took the photo lol.

They were very excited  to put it under their pillows and was very pleased to  find  $5 the next morning.  They normally get a couple of dollars for every tooth  they lost but since it was around  Christmas time, the Tooth Fairy was generous and gave them $5 each, wink.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Gifts #Clothing

Clothing is one of the gifts  that I always get  for my kids.  It's  for practical reason that I do that.  I mean, they use clothes all year long so you can never go wrong with clothes.  Anyway, I let them open some of the gifts yesterday, I know that it's early, but I wanted to make sure that  they like it so I still have time to    replace it  if they don't like it or it doesn't fit right.  

They were so excited and I  am so glad that everything that  me and hubby got fits them so well and that they love them.  Hubby and I picked some  outfits that they can wear for  Christmas as they are part of the Christmas Pageant at church on Christmas Eve.
My son  is very excited   to wear this on Christmas.  These are now  washed, ironed, and ready to be worn in two days.
Hubby went to the store today and he said it's chaotic there.  He got me my new  PC, weeeee, thanks Santa!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Citizenship Interview

It was November the 14th when I had my interview at the USCIS in Pittsburgh.  We asked our children's teachers for them to be excused that day because we had to leave early as my appointment was 9 in the morning.   We did not want to be stuck in the traffic so we left  right around 7  in the morning. 

We arrived  1 and half hours early but glad that we did because it gave me time to calm my nerves.  I was nervous, I am not gonna lie.  I am not good with interviews, in fact I hate  going through an interview.  

The  place where I had my interview was different than the place where I did my  biometrics last September 4th.  

Thanks to God for giving me  the clear mind, I passed the written, reading, and  oral interview.   Now the USCIS officer  told me that the tentative date for the oat h taking ceremony is December 20th and that they would send me the letter to when and where it was going to be held.  Up until now, I haven't received the  letter which is   making me  worried.  But it says on the  paper that he gave me that the USCIS will have 120 days to decide whether they will approved my application or not.  So,  passing the  interview  does not guarantee that I will be granted the citizenship that I applied for.  

I am keeping my fingers crossed  and praying that they would grant my application.  I am tired of being the  only alien in the family hehehe.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Day Off from Work

My husband did not go to work today. He took a day off so we could finish shopping for the kids' gifts. I was glad that he took a day off because we got to spend time together without the kids for a while, not that I don't want the kids with us but when you are shopping, having no kids is better. When we came back, I was so tired but was tempted to browsed at the rtg bonus from this no deposit bonus blog. I am not a gamer but got curious because I have seen somebody posted about this no deposit blog.  I am sure that those people who likes to play games online could benefit to this offer. 

Anyway, we got home right in time to get the kids from school.  We did not get all of the  stuff that we wanted to buy but I think it would be enough for the kids. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Lights

We went to the store a couple of weeks ago and see the heated mattress pads on sale, we were going to get three so we could use it this Winter but our budget wasn't enough that day that we decided to just  get it later.  That would be one of the things that I still need to get so we could all sleep at night comfortably in this frigid weather.  My kids will  have a two hour  early dismissal today because we are suppose to have a  freezing rain and then snow  later today. Hopefully they get out before the  snow starts coming down.

Anyway, I am sharing some snap shots I took  over the weekend when we decided to  drive around and see some lights.  First up is the city's traditional light display which started  two years ago.

This one is simple but beautiful.

This big house has  a full display of different things.  Please remember that these are quick snaps  so they are not  great hehehe.

As we were coming up the hill, I saw the lit up cross on top of the Baptist church.

 I forgot to  turn off the  flash so our car's  wind shield  made the image like the cross is floating..  You can see  my reflection in it too hehehe.  Have a safe weekend ya'all!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I just want to thank you all for being  part of our  virtual journey.  It's been  a pretty interesting experience  ever since I have started blogging.  I have met  some genuine friends and acquaintances.   I even  thank God for those not-so genuine ones  because it is them that I learned how to deal with very different  people.

I Am Thankful
For the Food in the table
For the  obstacles that we got thru
For the lessons that we learned from experiences.
For my husband, my children, pets, relatives and friends.
Above all, thank you for all the blessings that comes our way everyday!

So for all of you who are reading this Thanksgiving  note, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and happy Thanksgiving Day from my family to yours!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Personal Planner

I was contacted by someone whom I work with previously and was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a Personal Planner. I took a look and love how you can customize it so I said yes.  

I thought of making it for myself but changed my mind and  made one for a very special lady at my  children's school.  She always  tell me   about the event and always involve me to participate, which I am really grateful.  So to show my appreciation, I will give this to her and I hope that she likes it.  I received it last Monday and planned to give it to her yesterday (last day of school for this week) but I did not see her so I will just give it to her  next week.
Creating your  personal planner is very easy with their user-friendly tool.  I used the photo of  her two children and  at the back, I used the photo of our kids and other kids.
To create your personal planner is very easy.  You just need to  pick the photos for the front and back, and then  choose your text and start customizing it.  You can add your personal information, quotes, events, goals and  other stuff.  Although I created it like it was mine, I still  kept in mind  the things that she love  doing so I incorporated it in  the planner.  
save image
The planner includes  a clever elastic closure that holds the planner  securely closed.  It also has  plastic sleeve and ruler that doubles as page marker.  Personal Planner offers customized notebook, planner, and other accessories.  And oh, dig  this, they also offer Blog planner.  So make sure to check them out!
Thank you Personal Planner for this awesome opportunity!  The same thanks goes to Ms. Lindsay!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did not received monetary compensation in writing this review.  The product mentioned above  was provided for free for evaluation purposes.  Opinions expressed  in this article is 100% of the author's and  not influenced in any way.