Friday, December 14, 2012

New Light Fixture

Hubby and I are planning to work on our bathroom the whole day tomorrow.  This project is  taking so long to finish because my husband is  at work on weekdays.  We already  installed the new  sink and vanity and tomorrow we will be putting the  medicine cabinet.  We bought a new medicine cabinet but we returned it because it was damaged.  I talked my husband into using  our old one as it is still in great condition.  We painted it  and it looks  like a newly bought  cabinet.  We are however using the new lights and fixture that we bought as we both don't like the old one that we have.  We bought a set of replacement light bulbs and well install it tomorrow as well.  I hope that we could finish it so I could clean up the house before Christmas.  I am getting tired of seeing the tools in the living room.  I can't wait till it's done so I can   put my personal touch to it.   How I wish  I know how to work on  big projects like this so  I could work on it when my husband is at work.  It is very hard to wait for a certain project to finish especially if it's a bathroom.  I am just glad that we have another  bathroom that we can use while we are working on this one.  

Small but Comfortable

This is another property that we looked at  few weeks ago.  The house was big but we did not like the backyard as it goes down a hill.  Ms. Burrito  is very determined to keep our existing house, she said that she love this house as she grew up here.  She said that she doesn't mind that it's small.  Oh well, I am more comfortable at our home anyway!