Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newspaper Appearance

Good morning everyone, how are you? I just got done talking to one of my brothers back home. His wife just delivered their second baby, it's a girl. Congratulations bro! Anyhow, another good news to share is the newspaper clipping.
This is the front page on January 15, perfect timing for my son's birthday.  The  girl in stripe is our Ms. Burrito.  The rest are the  kindergarten and first grade students at our daughter's school who  did the Christmas play last year.  
My husband saw this on the school board  so he  asked Dad if he sees the paper with the above mentioned front page.  We missed to see this because it was Mr. Burrito's birthday so we didn't read the paper.  Thanks to Dad who have subscription  for the local newspaper.
 Let me share one of my daughter's favorite filipino refreshment/dessert... Halo Halo!
Whenever we go to the oriental store,  we always buy a bottle or two of the halo halo mix.  Good night everyone, I a now going to zzzzz!