Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sky Watch

I really enjoy participating to the Sky watch meme, I just couldn't keep up with it now that I am pretty busy with my daughter. She did pretty well on our math lessons today, she actually can read the numbers 1-100 now. I am hoping that she would be able to recognize all of them this week.

Inexpensive Hobbies

One of the many things that my husband and I has in common for a hobby is photography. Before I discovered blogging, I used to spend 20-50 bucks worth of money in ordering copies of the photos we've taken. But when I started blogging, I only upload them here and did not bother having hard copies anymore, although I still want to (I just can't afford as there's too many lol). Anyhow, these two are always the subject of our photography obsession.
I love gardening as a hobby too. This year though, I did not buy any plants at all as I did not have any savings for it. What I did was spread out the seeds that I collected from the previous years and that is all what I have in my garden this year. I still have pretty flowers even if I did not spend any thing this year. Do you save the seeds too?