Monday, July 19, 2010

Rylie is Sick

When my little burrito woke up yesterday, she was complaining that she has a sore throat so we gave her some medicine. It was the last day of her Bible Study yesterday so even if she wasn't feeling well, she still attended. When we fetched her at noontime, she's so down and sick.
Here's my little kitten with the paint mask on. Little brother tried to comfort Ate Rye by wiping the wet rug on her face and clean out the paint.
I couldn't pass the opportunity not to take photos of the scenario yesterday because it was very sweet of EJ to take care of her sister.
After he clean her face out, he gave her a sweet kiss.
This is why I wasn't able to blog today. I also had a dental appointment this morning then we dropped by at my FIL so Rye could stay with Pap while we buy some groceries in the store. She was fevered up to 104.6 a while ago and Daddy wanted to bring her to the hospital but I said that I will wipe her some wet cloth again and see if it helps. He also gave her some meds. After an hour, she was feeling okay and played with us outside. Hopefully, she'll be okay when she wakes up tomorrow. I have a migraine so I am now off to bed, thanks for visiting guys.