Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleepy Head

Here's what sleepy head always do everytime he is tired from playing. He is good in waking me up at five wahhhhhh.
Howdy everyone?

Looking down at Japan Sea

I took these photos before we land to Narita Airport during our flight coming back here from Korea. It's beautiful to look down the sea when you are flying but at the same time a bit scary.

The white ones in this photo are boats. My poor camera can only zoom that big (or small lol) though.

I want a baby sister

My kids are having fun with Jen's baby. EJ told me that he wants another baby sister wahhhhh. Here is the baby doll of our family, Gracie. She is a very good baby, she seldom cry and love playing potty cake.
Everyone wants to hold Gracie when she visits here hehe. If only I could afford to have one more lol but life is getting harder, so two is enough for us.