Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rainbow After the Rain

The past  few months were the craziest and  busiest time for my family.  We moved to a new home and that alone is  draining not only physically but emotionally as well.  Moving is not easy, there are  so much things going in your mind and  during this time in your life, a support system is  very essential.  For those of you who have experienced moving, I am sure you  can relate what we have been through.
After we have moved, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  I mentioned in my post that I wish my family back home was  here with me because I wouldn't hesitate to ask  them to help me but somehow someone misinterpreted it with something else.   I was irritated and frustrated, I cried. I felt attacked with the people  that I thought I could lean on especially that I have nobody here but my husband and kids. I am however blessed and grateful  that we have a neighbor who is willing to help and be there for us anytime.  Thanks Don for all your help.  Even my husband's co-workers helped us during the move.  My husband also asked his niece's husband to help him move  the refrigerator.

 When I first came here in America, I thank God everyday for giving me a wonderful new family.  Things were really good and I get along with them well until recently.  I have been keeping this feelings for a long time, trying not to say anything because I don't want drama but  there's a time when you have to stand up for yourself and  say "enough is enough!"  I wouldn't divulge the details but I was very hurt of what has been done.   So for now, I am taking a break with the family I used to love and respect.

But I thank God that things are looking great now, I have moved on and adjusted with our regular  life in a new house. 
Moving on, I always believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain.  We   sold our house after  just 18 days in the market and I couldn't be more happier, the weight has been lifted from our  shoulders.   
I hope that the pain will slowly  heal in the future.  I don't think it will go back the way  it was but  time will tell.  Damage has been done and it's hard to forget  when emotions are hurt.  
 "Family quarrels are bitter things. They don't go according to any rules. They're not like aches or wounds, they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material."  F. Scott Fitzgerald