Saturday, June 19, 2021

Father's Day 2021

My husband  said "Such a Father's day this year!".  I know it hurts him the most when we put one of our dogs to sleep because Bolt was his dog and he was Bolt's chosen human.  We said good bye to Bolt today, we had him euthanized at Two Ridge Veterinary Clinic.  The Lyme's disease got the best out of him.  He lost his appetite and stopped eating.
This will be the first Father's Day that he won't be able to be with us.  I know that he was just a dog but for us, he was like one of our kids.  

We were supposed to attend graduation parties today but I couldn't bring myself to go anywhere.  I hope that my husband will be able to at least enjoy his day tomorrow.
I always tell my children of how lucky and blessed they are to have a Dad like my husband.  He is the most cool Dad to both of them.  He works hard in order to provide them the best  of things including good Catholic education and spoiled them with a lot of things.
Happy Father's Day to you my Love!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Cheers Shared last Christmas 2020

This year has been a roller coaster 🎒.   The pandemic really affected every norm but life goes on.   I’m sure everyone has been feeling the economic toll that Covid has brought.   I’m still grateful that none of us has gotten sick sick πŸ€’.   I mean we all got sick but we got better from home.
 Just like the past 15 years, we sent money to my family back home during Christmas.   I don’t send them cash regularly but  during the season of giving, hubby and I make sure to send them some.
This year, we tried to share some of our blessings to people that we think would really appreciate it.  We give each of our garbage collectors an envelope with cash and we also have one to our mailman.  They do their jobs no matter what the weather condition is,  so as a way of thanking them, we thought of sharing a little bit of cheer for them.

Our kids have also participated in some activities to cheer some people up during the pandemic.  My son’s class did a gift giving activity called “You’ve Been Jingled”.   I thought it was a really good idea, it gives the kids something to do to connect with their friends.
My daughter’s school have spearheaded an activity to spread some cheer to our elderly friends and healthcare workers at Serra Manor in Weirton and Genesis Healthcare Center in Follansbee through #Careavan.   
Covid might have taken out the norm of doing things but glad that we were still able to do things creatively.  The year  2020 bid goodbye and it's already the end of April but I am just posting this lol.   Life has been busy despite the pandemic.  I didn't think I would miss writing but I truly do.  I am glad, I am slowly picking it up again.  I still have a lot of catching up to do but hopefully I will get it all sorted out .

Friday, January 15, 2021

Pandemic Challenges

    Covid19 is such a pain in everyone's life.  It hinders so many things that people normally do.  I sure wish it's over already because  wearing mask in public places is really making my migraine worse.  During the months where my kids have to do cyber classes, I thought it would be easier since they don't have to go to school but it was  so hard for both of them especially to our son..  He started with a high A for his grade in Algebra but it slowly going downhill.
Aside from the online struggle, the kids also missed out on so many school activities.  Covid took out the fun for sure.  I am just glad that none of us got the virus.  I mean, we got sick when we went to DC for the March for Life but I don't think it was Covid.  I think we were too exhausted from the trip that my daughter and I did not feel great for a couple of days when we got back.
The good thing about their cyber school though is that, they don't have to get up early and they can do their lessons in their own desk or even in bed. My son's Chromebook was having issues so he had a hard time doing his homework. 
2020 was like a disaster, it wasn't a good memory for all of us.  I am just glad we survived it with having major sickness especially with my kids.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

 This year is a full on roller coaster 🎒 with everything.  The pandemic have changed almost every aspect of the way we do things.   We have been doing our own Thanksgiving at home ever since my father-in-law have passed on so this year was no different for us but I’m sure a lot of families were forced to celebrate without other family members due to Covid restrictions.  
I started cooking early in the morning so by noon time, I was almost finished and we had our dinner around 2.  Despite many hardships, we also have a lot to be thankful for.  First and foremost, my husband and kids are healthy.  They did get some type of cold but not bad.  The kids get to go to school as well although they had to do remote learning within the Thanksgiving period.  Hopefully they’ll be able to go back sometime soon.  They appreciate the extra tome to sleep but find it a bit harder to do all the lessons by themselves without the physical presence of their teachers.
Hopefully this pandemic I’ll soon be over.  I think when election result ends, this will end as well, I hope.   

Friday, August 28, 2020

A Father's Day Tribute to a #NavyVeteran Dad : #Father'sDay2020

Oh my, August is almost over, time slips by so quickly even with pandemic. We didn't really travel much this year because of Covid but we have been busy with our home improvement projects.

Father's Day and other special occasion came and passed and here I am just trying to catch up writing about it.    I want to  dedicate this  late post as a tribute to a veteran Dad who didn't let age  deter him from finishing his school.  He became a father at a very early age with his first marriage and he had to enlist in the Navy to provide for his two children.  Unfortunately they grew apart and the kids grew up not knowing their father very much.  I wish they have a good relationship but it's sad that they don't.  Anyway, I am glad that he is very dedicated to our children. 
John signed up in the military when he was 20 years old.  He did not  go to college  after he  finished high school because he  had to work.  Realizing that the place he grew up in will not give him anything challenging, he signed up in the Navy.  He originally planned to go to Air Force but the recruiter he talked to  did not show up.  Since the recruiter of the Navy  next door was there, he decided to  try them.  The guy showed him pictures of his travels in the Navy and  my husband   got inspired.
These photos were taken when he graduated  from his Master in Science  degree with  a major in  Leadership and Professional Administration at Duquesne University two years ago (May 2018).

This was the simple gift that we gave him.
I am glad that he was able to get his master's done.    He didn't get to  do schooling  until he got done with his 20 years in the service but I think it's worth it.
The kids handmade cards.
Hooray, I finally got to finish this post.  It's been sitting as a draft for almost two years, holly guacamole.  What have I been doing all these time?   Lol.  Oh well, I hope I can finally get back to writing regularly again now that our bathroom renovations are almost done.