Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family is what Matters Most

Just random photos taken by my Sony point and shoot camera.
She picked these flowers from our garden, wraped it in a paper and gave it to me.  Thanks sweetie!
Life is beautiful  with a family whom you love so much and loves you back.
Hubby and these two are my inspiration everyday.  Even if you feel like the world is against you, having them can erase all the worries and stress.  I thank Him for giving me this beautiful gift.
"Whenever you share your goodness, 
your passion for life and your heart, 
you always end up WINNING
because what you give to others
will come back to you.
- an inspiring  thought taken from the Nuggets of Wisdom book - 

Ozzie's Splash Zone

I finally got a good night sleep  last night, although I went to bed past midnight already but I got to sleep in this morning. On our last night  at the hotel, we let the kids enjoy the Ozzie's Splash Zone located at the back of the hotel.  The kids love it because of the   eco-wonder pretty lights that changes  on every  water that spits  out from the splash zones.  It was one  precious  moment that  my kids and our family friend's child have had.