Thursday, August 4, 2011


After a day of exhausting fun and excitement at Hollywood studio, we went back to the hotel. We ate dinner at Dragon Super Buffet and Sushi Bar.  We liked the selection of food but the price is expensive plus you have to pay a mandatory 15% gratuity fee.  We only ate there once.  
Then the kids wanted to play at the playground inside the  Clarion Inn  compound so we went.
Do you see one of the Dad's having fun as well? Lol.
Kids never runs out of energy.  We did a lot of walking on our first day  in Disney but they still have so much left afterwards hehehe.
Thanks to Ms. Burrito for snapping this photo.  The parents  picture together.
It's nice that  most of the hotels in the Sunshine State  has water fountains  around the vicinity.
We end our day  with a beautiful sunset on sight.
Will post the  Hollywood fun next time.

Florida Flight

First of all, I would like to thank all those who came and left comments on my blogs while I was gone. Your time is greatly appreciated.

Below are some photos I took during our flight going to Orlando Florida for our one week vacation.  We decided  to drive going to the airport and just had our car  park at the extended parking area near the  airport.
We rode a shuttle bus who picks up passengers from the parking area  to the airport.
While checking in, our son was  pulling  our carry on luggage.
We left home early so we won't be late from our flight but our connecting flight to Ohio was delayed.  Good thing I brought some scribbler pad, pens and crayons for the kids to use.
Our kids were in such  good spirits during the flight.
We finally reached our destination,.  Below is a shot taken in Orlando airport.
We finally met the Dias family for the very first time.  The kids acted like they have known each other  for life.
We ate at the  hotel's food  place for dinner.
They tried the game room for a brief moment.
Then we bonded at the Diaz's hotel room after dinner.  Our condolences to you and your family Dhemz.  We are  praying  that may God give you strength and courage during this time of family loss.