Monday, January 11, 2016

Roboworld at Carnegie Science Center

These photos were taken two years ago when we celebrated  our son's  7th birthday.  We don't do birthday parties anymore   so we take our kids  in places where  they can enjoy and at the same learn some things.  We have never been to  Carnegie Science Center so we thought it would be an awesome time to  explore on his birthday.  
 I just remember these photos   that I have forgotten to  post because I was thinking EJ's birthday this coming Friday.  I can believe my little man is   turning 9 already, whew!
Anyway both of the kiddos were fascinated by the robot displays in the CSC.  
They were  amazed how this  robot can accurately shoot  the ball in the basketball ring.
 Rylie is into this  sketchbot.  You can basically  sketch anything and the machine will build it for you.
 They patiently watched how  their sketches  were built.
 "That is so cool" was their exact statements.
We had a fun time  at Carnegie Science Center.  I would like to go back there again.