Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

Yey, the Saints won. We cheered for the Saints because they were the underdog and we we are so glad that they did a victorious performance. We all went to Dad's house and watched the game.

Jen prepared a 7 layer dip menu and Chrid made some chicken wings and a tray of veggies.
Gracie thinks that the superbowl was okay but Champ was bored after he played with butch.
The kids were busy making their valentine boxes. I love the idea of giving them something to do on the event like this.
Congratulations to the Saints for winning the super bowl game!

Squirrel on the Roof

When we paid my husband's Aunt a surprise visit in Baltimore, we called her when we were parked outside their house. While waiting for her, I saw this squirell on top of her roof. Please look closely to see him, or you might click the photo to enlarge it.
Have a safe and enjoyable weekend folks.