Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mini Road Trip

Hello there folks, how's your Monday going? I apologized fro not visiting you fr a couple of days because after our mini road trip to Daegu, my dysmenorrhea was so bad. But anyhow, I am feeling better now. We did not stay very long in Daegu, we just shop a little bit after we sent the money then we ate at BK.
These photos were taken on the way to Daegu.
I love taking pictures of the rice field because it reminds me of my childhood.
Going home, my husband dropped by at the Commisary to get something. We decided to just wait for him in the car because if we do, we might see things that we don't need and might go on unplanned spending again hehehe.
Showing his orniness.
My son loved this set of sword so much that even if it is a little bit expensive we bought it for him. Dad said that he seldom ask for something so he got this one. Of course my daughter has to get one too, a barbie. Haizzzz its hard to go on a store with kids, you can be an impulsive buyer sometimes.
These are taken on the way home, the view of the city of Jinhae.
My son immediately wanted his toy assembled so Dad helped him. Can you believe this little set of toys cost 25 bucks. for me that's ridiculously expensive. But it makes our son happy so its worth it I guess.
He carry the sword everywhere he goes, even in his sleep hehehe.

Green Beans Adobo

I made adobong sitaw (green beans) yesterday. My cute helpers wanted to help me but I was in a hurry to cook so I just let them clean the dishes.

See how deligent worker they are lol..

I just wish that they would still do it when they grow up hehehe.

You might ask why the amount of the food I cook is very little, I do that so we could eat whatever I cook. I get tired of putting left over in the refrigerator hehehe. The recipe calls for string beans but since we don't have that here, i just use the regular green beans. The main method in preparing or cooking this is trough sautee. You have to sautee garlic, onion, tomatoes and meat first then put some soy sauce and a little black pepper. Then when the meat is tender, you can put the green beans. I want the beans a little crunchy so I don't over cook it.

My son said "I wan't to help Mom" so I let him stir the grean beans adobo, that's what makes it very tasty, the love and willingness to help of my lil' chef.

Tip: Put a dash of honey into your adobo to give it an interesting twist. It tasted so good and my hubsnad loved it!

Alrighty, for those left over hunters, sorry there's none lol..