Thursday, November 20, 2008


Do you know this gorgeous girl from Dancing with the Stars? Yes, she is the two time winner of the famous competition. She said that she isn't going to compete anymore in the next season (Spring) which is about to start in early March next year. She said that she will concentrate on her music career instead. Well, good luck Julianne Hough! I think you will succeed to whatever career you choose because you are beautiful and talented...
Aside from her, my favorite one is Cheryl Berck. How about you, who is your fave among the stars?

Roller Coaster ride

In society today, we are so concerned about where we are going and how fast can we get there...but life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. The things we learn from and leave behind on our journey through life is what truly matters. If you're a good person and you always try to do the right thing, the destination will be the same no matter how quickly you get there. Slow down and enjoy everything that God has provided. Here today and gone tomorrow.....never take for granted that things will always be. Appreciate the beauty in everything you see, hear, taste, and feel. Time is priceless and we shouldn't depreciate the value by trying to hurry things along.

Hugis Puso (Heart Shaped)

My husband took this picture of the tree last year, with me as a back ground hahaha. The tree was at the back of my Father in law's house. it's neat how he trimmed it. It looks good during winter because of the snow.