Friday, February 25, 2011

Wine Rack's Details

The details on our wine rack makes a   fine shadows.  I was vacuuming the other day when I noticed the above image.  I stopped the vacuum, grabbed my camera and clicked!

Snow Cone

 The first couple of shots were taken  few weeks ago  when I though the snow was finally melting.
 But then just  last Monday, a heavy snow storm arrived again wahhh.  Below is a photo I took from our living room window.  That's our neighbor's  pine tree covered with snow.
Want some snow cone?  Snow snow please go!  I am participating to Making Friends Monday.

Dear Daddy - Thank You!

Dearest Dad,
First of all, thank you for the love that you have for us.  
No matter how we upset or give you headaches, you still love us.  
Thank you for being  a doctor to us when we are sick, 
for being the big kid when we want to play, 
for being a dancer when we want to dance, 
for being a singer when we want to sing,
and for being silly just to make us happy.

You are the best Dad that any kid could ask for.
Thank you for always thinking  about us,
for prioritizing us over  others
for saving for our future,
for showing us how much you love Pap,
for showing us how to respect others,
and for molding us into  good citizens in the future.

the Burritos
Dear Mr. K,
Thank you   for your so much TLC for me and the kids.
For having such a loving, compassionate, and caring  heart for others,
for your understanding and support  for my family back home,
and most especially for loving me as I am!

We love you so much,
Mrs. Wide Feet
mommy moments