Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

The kids was part of the Christmas pageant at church so we had to leave the family gathering early.  Christmas pageant is an annual play of the  St. Joseph's students depicting the life of Jesus.  My son's part was  the  chief  shepherd.  The pageant is heald before the 6 o-clock mass.  It was a really good presentation.
 We took some photos  at home after church.  When my husband holds the camera, the photos comes in many different faces lol.
 The kids went to bed around 9 o'clock.  MY son reminded us to go to bed early so Santa wouldn't  pass our home.  Hubby and I  spent almost three hours, assembling the   gift that Santa have for the kiddos.
 We thought we will be able to sleep in on Christmas day but the kids were very excited to open gifts so they  woke us up at 6 am wahhh. I was so tired and sleepy.  When we went to the living room, all the gifts were taken out and piled up according to who it was for lol.

  It was funny, my son was  bummed out that they couldn't  find any gifts from Santa underneath the tree or anywhere in the  main house.  Santa actually left all his gifts  at the basement so I asked them to let the dogs out and they finally saw their  gifts when they  went down there.
 EJ got the  "professional" art kit that he wished  for.
 Daughter couldn't wait to see the  bean bag chair that she's been wanting for Christmas.
Her brother loved her  bean bag chair so he said he wants one for his birthday which is coming up  in three weeks.  Time flies, EJ is turning 9 years old.  Oh boy, where do the time go?
Hubby thought we didn't have  anythingwrapped for him but we were  sneaky about it.  The kids  got him somethingand I got him somethingas well.  Of all the people, we couldn't  forget  the man of the house.
 Ryestein got an artkit  from Santa as well.
 She also got her bother this nike set that we found  on sale when  she and I went shopping while the boys  watched the Star Wars movie.
 Theylove the  iPOd cases that we got for them.
Funny to hear them say "this is the best Christmas ever" every year!
 They got an air hockey from Santa.  Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus  had  a hard time putting this together lol.
 It is a great joy seeing them enjoy what Santa bring though.
 Even their Dad is having a great time playing with them.
 I hope you all have a great and merriest Christmas just like we did.  Iwish you all a  joyous new year! Shadow Shots