Friday, August 27, 2010

Farewell Chelsea

We finally let go of Chelsea. We gave her up for adoption to anew family who want to have a dog of their own. I like Chelsea but we are getting tired of her running away. She fled the other day by digging a hole at the bottom of the fence Good thing that our neighbor caught her and she did not get hit with a car. So I contacted one of the Filipina friend here in our area and asked if she wants to adopt Chelsea. Since they already have a terrier, she told her other Pinay friend who wants a dog. So they came and got Chelsea the day before yesterday.
She's lucky to have her though because she is already house broken, already fixed (which we paid a fortune lol), and her shots are updated. So she basically got Chelsea for free unlike if you will adopt from the pound because you have to pay for the expenses. The only thing that she has to worry now is the fact that Chelsea is a vegetarian and she love to eat fruits and veggies.. in your garden lol. I warned her that she has to keep an eye on her if she will put her in their yard as she love to eat flowers and veggies. Here are some of the last shots that I took of Chelsea.

Farewell Chelsea. We wish you good times with your new family. Thanks for the joy you brought to us. We will just concentrate our love to Champ, our super-hyper dog who love to jump and play. Hopefully, he won't break his leg anymore. Today (August 26) is the national dog day. Below is a short excerpt copied from the newsletter I received from

It's National Dog Day! (There is a holiday for everything, isn't there?) August 26th marks the nation's annual celebration of dogs. It is a way to show public recognition for all of the wonderful things about our dogs and to celebrate their love, companionship, loyalty, patience and their amazing capacity to change our everyday lives.