Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mini Boats

Thanks God, my husband is off tomorrow because of the Labor Day. We are going to participate on a family walk marathon inside the base. I heard they are going to give some freebies for the participants. It is so good when my husband is given a day-off because we have lots of family bonding time. Just like last Monday, they were given a day off because the exercise was just finished. So we went to our favorite hide out hehehe. Our burritos were in the mood for riding the mini boats. The fee is 3,000 won for each and you can ride for as long as you want. Here I am walking towards my little man because he got tired of cranking the wheel of the mini boat..
Hubster was busy taking pictures..
I am glad that they put a tarp already.
Our little man is almost asleep hehehe..
So he got out after 15 minutes or so but Rylie kept going.
We decided to hang out in this boating area when our princess decided to finally stop with her sailing adventures.
A view on the other side..
The cashier was very kind because she let us ride the motorized mini boat without a fee.. yipeeee, kamsa hamndia!
My ever loving hubster...
So we put on our life jacket..
But EJ ran away, he did not like the idea of putting it on.. Me and Rylie had so much fun but EJ was freaking out because he wanted to ride with us too. So I took him even without a life jacket.
Here's a short clip of vid that hubby recorded..