Monday, October 5, 2009


Yesterday was the start of the Chusok celebration here in the Land of the Morning Calm so we are just staying at home. It's not good to go driving during this big holiday in Korea because most of the people from the City goes home in their home town. chusok is like a Thanksgiving in the US mixed with the All Souls day in the Philippines. They thank and remember their dead ancestors during this holiday. Since we got nothing to do, camera is our best friend. Here are some clicks!
My daughter took this one.. Have a nice weekend everyone, God bless!

Mini Hike at the Hills

Our little mountaineers would like to climb at the hill where we sued to hang out when Daddy is at work. So I took them there the other day. As we walked down there, my burritos were holding hands and I thought that it was very cute.
Throwing small rocks at the bottom are their favorite thing to do, they were aiming at me when I took these photos.
They never get tired of coming to this place, I am glad that in early age they are close to nature and knows how to appreciate it.
Here's my mini mountaineers doing their hike.
When we got home, they took a long nap after taking a bath. Have a nice day everyone!