Friday, May 28, 2010

Roses in my garden

Here are the roses in our garden. This yellow one is planted at the back. when I planted this two years ago, I thought that it wasn't going to live because it was already dried out when I bought it on a reduced price. I gave it a try and she did live. When I came back from Korea, she is so tall and giving us so many blooms.

I took different shots on different angles, I just love capturing the beauty of this rose.
I took these shots last week after the rain had stop.

I love the scent of this pink rose planted at the side of our back porch. I got this from my father-in-law's garden two years ago.

I bought this on a reduce price too when we just transferred to our home. I planted this in front of our house. This is an attention catcher as it blooms a lot.

I love this one, although it doesn't grow very good. I planted this together with the yellow one but this one is still on the ground while the yellow is so tall. Despite of the height, this has a lot of buds too but my dear Chelsea ate most of them and only one has left.

My FIL gave me two pots of miniature roses the other day and I planted it in front of our house. Hopefully it will grow. Dad said it will because he thinks I have a "green finger.. he meant green thumb". But let us see.


The theme this week on Mommy Moment is "Motherhood". When it comes to motherhood my greatest inspiration is my mother because she never gave up on us even though life was so tough on her especially in raising 9 kids without any help. I could never top her hard work and dedication when it comes to raising kids. I love you so much Ma!

Every time I am having hard time with my two kids, I always think about my mother . I always tell myself that if Mama can do it and so can I. I am blessed with a family-oriented husband so when he told me that our priority is our kids, that I can stay at home so I could personally raise them, I was very happy.. still is. I know a lot of friends who would love to be a stay at home mom but they are force to work because they need to. I always thank God for blessing me a good life and for giving me the great career in the Universe, being a MOM!