Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family is what Matters Most

Just random photos taken by my Sony point and shoot camera.
She picked these flowers from our garden, wraped it in a paper and gave it to me.  Thanks sweetie!
Life is beautiful  with a family whom you love so much and loves you back.
Hubby and these two are my inspiration everyday.  Even if you feel like the world is against you, having them can erase all the worries and stress.  I thank Him for giving me this beautiful gift.
"Whenever you share your goodness, 
your passion for life and your heart, 
you always end up WINNING
because what you give to others
will come back to you.
- an inspiring  thought taken from the Nuggets of Wisdom book - 

Ozzie's Splash Zone

I finally got a good night sleep  last night, although I went to bed past midnight already but I got to sleep in this morning. On our last night  at the hotel, we let the kids enjoy the Ozzie's Splash Zone located at the back of the hotel.  The kids love it because of the   eco-wonder pretty lights that changes  on every  water that spits  out from the splash zones.  It was one  precious  moment that  my kids and our family friend's child have had.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bee Sting

Last Thursday morning, Mr. Burrito got stung by a bee or a wasp, we were not sure. He cried and cried. Anyhow, my husband scraped the stinger off with a dull knife. I have learned that if you try to pull it with tweezers, you are actually pushing the poison in.
We gave him benadryl after he got stung and he feel fine. The next day, which is yesterday, I notice4d that it got swollen.  Hubby searched online about  it and he said that some people will swell a day or two depending on his reaction.  
This morning however, it got reddish but our son said that it's not hurting.  We called the doctor to make sure that he will be alright since we are  travelling this Monday.  The doctor gave us a steroid that  he can take for three days.  I hope that the swelling will  go down tonight so he will be fine when we travel.
They played with this girl while we were waiting to be called for our turn at the doctor's clinic.
I am glad that there is a play area at the clinic and this big aquarium that keeps kids entertain.
We got the PA that is very good with kids, so that  loosened up the tension that Mr. Burrito was feeling, he thought he will be given a shot lol.  As of today, the kids weight are 39.2 lbs for Ms. Burrito and 37.9 lbs for Mr. Burrito.
Then we drove to our pharmacy but they were close already so we  went to Rite Aid.  While waiting for our prescription to be filled, we used their free  blood pressure monitor.  My BP was 125 over 78 while hubby  was 135 over 85.
I wish you a happy weekend folks.  We are leaving   Monday but you will see updates in some of  our blogs  as I would be scheduling some posts especially at my Spice Up Your Life blog.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shopping at Toys "R" Us

As kids, their favorite part in shopping is going to a toy area or a toy store.  My FIL gave Ms. Burrito a cash gift  for her birthday and she asked us if she could buy  the thing she wants.  We usually  save  their money to their bank account but this time we let her shop at Toys "R" Us.
You can see the excitement and enthusiasm as they  rush to the  store.
She couldn't decide what she will get because everything that she sees, she wants to buy it.
At the end we helped her decide what to get by weighing the benefits of the product that she  will buy.  She  bought the  easy bake package.
Mr. Burrito on the other hand  was so fascinated with the   train track that was laid out in the store.  Kids can play with the toys.
He spent most of the time  playing there while  we waited for Ms. Burrito to get done.
When we were checking out, he grabbed a  train set for him wahhh.. Sneaky.  He grabbed two but I put away one because he already have  a lot of trans at home.
I also bought  the ocean book for them and two sets of board games.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art Expression

My little artist draw herself in a big postal packaging wrap.  I thought she is doing something  ornery the other day because she locked her bedroom door.  I asked her what she was doing and she just said "I am almost done MOM" and I thought, "Oh NO."
But I was surprised when she showed me this.  She said that it's her.  
I am biased when it comes to giving my kids and assessment but she really amazes me when it comes to her arts expression because I am  38 years old and I couldn't even draw anything lol.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bubble Wrap Fun

When Ms. Burrito received the packages for her birthday, she was so happy. Mr. Burrito on the other hand was very happy because he get to play with the big bubble wrap that was inside the bxes.
They were laughing when I sat on one and popped   out that sounded like a fart lol.
After the fun, Mommy cleaned up the mess.
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Vacation Bible School 2011

We are so glad that our son, Mr. Burrito, has joined the Vacation Bible School this year. He wasn't up for it last year. Today is the third day and he is enjoying it although he hesitated to go this morning but I encouraged him to go anyway.

The photos below was taken during the  first day  (Monday).
We just walked them down there as we live close by the school.
As soon as he entered the school facilities, Mr. Burrito was okay.
They are wearing the bandana that was given to them.
Ms. Burrito was so excited and happy to see her  friends from school.
We  arrived early so we  got to register first.
I really like the close knit  community atmosphere of  my daughter's school.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Radiant Smile

On the  day of Ms. Burrito's birthday, Bumble Bee and her Mom visited us.  Thanks guys!
She was smiling a lot in the camera.
Her radiant smile just kills me hehehe.
We also made some tie dyed shirts.  One for each of us including Bumble Bee.
Taken last Saturday during the party.
Have a great week ahead.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Canadian Geese

We went to Tomlinson Run the other day and we found so many Canadian geese in there. They thought that we have food for them so they crowded and followed us everywhere we went.
The Burritos remembered the last pack of cracker jack they have in the car so they race in getting it.
Then they fed the hungry  bunch.
It was a good day bonding with messy critters hehehe.