Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here's my son posing with Amy. He like that sun glasses so much that he don't want to remove it even when going to sleep lol.. It's funny when children like something so much that when you try to take it away from them they throw a feat. I find it very funny too that everytime my student will leave, my son would always get his shoes and want to go with her hahaha. So I always end up taking him in sending Amy to the gate. I think my son is very fond of Asian girls lol..

Feeling of Guilt

Okay here's a brief recap of tonight's event. My children were cool when we dropped them at the child care center at 6 pm. Although I was enjoying the event, my mind was pre-occupied with thoughts of my kids. We stayed till after dinner then we came back to get the kids. I felt so bad because they both cried looking for us. My daughter fell asleep but my son did not. I felt so guilty leaving them there because they are not use to it. My daughter told me "Please don't attend to parties anymore Mom." I don't think I will be able to this again... Sigh... I'll post about the ball tomorrow.. Goodnight folks.. Thank you so much for visiting! Hope I can visit you back tomorrow before I go to work.. oh crap, I have work tomorrow.. Oh Man! I'm leaving you these beatiful caption and photo for you to reflect.. Good night!

Navy Ball

Me and hubby will be attending a Navy Ball tomorrow night and it is giving me so much anxiety because this will be the first time that I will leave the kids with other people. The Youth Center will be taking care of the kids for those couples who are attending the occasion for 3 dollars an hour. Not so bad, I am just skeptical because I am sure the kids will freak out. Gosh, its hard to deal with this separation anxiety ha ha ha. But anyhow I bought some things yesterday that I might need tomorrow instead of paying somebody to do it, I'd rather do it and keep the stuff for future use hehehe.. The stack of shoes I have here don't match the dress I am going to wear so I bought a pair. Daughter requested a hair dryer. Hmmmnnn, i think my daughter is a beauty conscious than I am lol...