Thursday, November 12, 2009

Self-Giving to God

The theme for the scriptures last Sunday is Self-Giving to GOD. "With God there are no endings. Only Endless beginnings!
A priest was asked: "Father, how much should I spend on my wife's Christmas present?" In plain language, the answer was: "If you love her, you know. And if you do not love her, give nothing!" Around Christmas, Mother's day, and Father's day millions are made on our desire to express our affections for loved ones by giving present. (Say it with flowers!) Giving is a symbolic way of saying : "I love you, I'm grateful, I'm sorry, forget what has happened!" expressing meanwhile a whole gamut of feelings in between.
After the mass, the chapel usually serves coffee and cookies for the church parishioner to enjoy. These are taken last Sunday after the mass with my Korean friends.
Coffee anyone?