Monday, August 30, 2010

Flowers at Pittsburgh Zoo

Here are some of the photos of the flowers I saw at Pittsburgh Zoo when we went there a couple of weeks ago with Jen and Jim's family. We originally planned to go for a camping but we did not push through because of some unavoidable reasons. We decided to go to the zoo instead so the kids could enjoy watching the different kinds of critters.
Anyhow, the only flower that I recognized here is the marigold. Everything else, I don't have any idea of their names.
Oh I like this bright orange fruit-like bloom from a tree.
And this one too, I think orange looks great when it's around brown and green color. What do you think?
These are inside the PPG Aquarium placed on top of a big rock. 
I like this vine too.
This is on the place where the orangutan's are running around.
This is just a quick update before we go to church. Have a blessed Sunday everyone. Thanks for your visit and comments!

The Penguins

My daughter had so much fun watching the penguins put on their show when we went to Pittsburgh Zoo. I couldn't get a good picture with them under the water.
They swam so fast that whenever I take pictures, It's blurry. Anyhow, these are the only ones that looks good.

Hope everyone had a lovely day. We are super busy at our end so pardon for me not visiting often.

Glass Theme in our kitchen

When we were buying our kitchen furniture, my husband and I fell in love with this table with a glass top. It suppose to be made3 of tampered glass so we thought it would be durable with kids around. However when my daughter is around two years old, she dropped the drinking glass at the tip of the table and it got chipped. We fixed the chip with a mighty glue and it is holding pretty good.