Monday, April 18, 2016

What Matters Most

We didn't do anything this  Easter.  We decided to to spend our Easter Sunday doing what matters the most.  We went to church and we  went  at the nursing home to visit my FIL.  We did not attend the  usual family Easter event because we figured, Dad will be  alone   at Woodland Hills and we anted to be there for him.
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After we visited my father-in-law, we brought the kids to the park and  let them play there until they were tired.
These kiddos are very inspired of the American Ninja Warrior that they want to do stuff that would make them stronger.
I underestimated  what my  daughter is capable of and she impressed me that she can  do the monkey bars  now.  She   normally does not have the strength to do it but  I think she is getting stronger now that she is playing volleyball.
I always wish that I have the upper body strength so I cam do stuff like this but my hands always gives up before I could cross  the monkey bar lol.
EJ gets so frustrated when he can't   successfully do  stuff like this but we keep encouraging him to continue practicing.
My kids are definitely growing up.  Hubby and I can still remember when we have to lift them up to do these things.  Now they can reach it and can do it by themselves.
This only mean one thing,  they are growing so fast and we are getting older lol.
Anyway, back to my FIL, we  tried to visit him yesterday but he is no longer at Woodland Hills Manor.  We just learned it yesterday.  We knew that he was brought to the hospital to try to  give him some meds for his  Alzheimer's but after that, we were not updated no more.  The last time I talked to my SIL, she told him that  Dad is coming back to  Woodland Hills that's why we   tried to visit there.  
 We didn't know that  those last two visits will be our last time to see him there.  I talked to my SIL today and she tild me that Dad is now residing at Gables Care Center in Hopedale, Ohio.
 I really feel sad for my FIL.  I wish I could take care of him at my home.  My SIL said that Woodland Hills  complained that Dad  is doing stuff that is making the staff uncomfortable.  My opinion is that, I don't think Dad realizes that he is offending them by   accidentally touching them.  Dad can't see very   anymore so when he talks to someone, he likes to  hold your face or your hand.  I guess, the staff there took it the wrong way.  I mean, come on, he is 93 years old and he is the nicest guy I know.  I am glad he found a new home.  We will try to visit him  this weekend at his new home.
The last three photos were taken when we visited him with my husband's  childhood friend/brother.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jolly Roger Experience #SiblingsDay

Today is national siblings day.  I wish I could visit all my sibling and give them hugs but I am thousands of miles away from them.  Since I can't do that, I will just write about our   experience  in Jolly Roger in Ocean City, Maryland two years ago.  
 Having  children is a wonderful gift.  Both of our kids   brings us joy in almost everything that they do.  Becoming a parent to these two wonderful kids  is a  great blessing from God, they are our treasure.  Having a boy and a girl is like  dealing with night and day situation.  They are so different in so many ways 2which is challenging sometimes but one thing that they have in common is their love for traveling.  Both of these are like hubby and I  who enjoys traveling.  
 In 2014, we decided to go on a road trip and went to Ocean City Maryland to celebrate our daughter's 8th birthday.  Our son always say that  his sister is very lucky because she was born in the summer and now that they both go to school, Rylie's birthday is always on school break.  
 As much as we would like to go somewhere during  EJ's birthday, the option  is very limited because it is on winter time.  So what we do is  have a good getaway on  our daughter's birthday so we could all enjoy it.  
 Going to Ocean City was a great decision as we had a total  blast out there.  Not only that we enjoy the ocean but we also enjoy  the recreation  in Ocean City such as the Jolly Roger Park.
 It was too hot out there that walking in your bathing suit  is very normal.
 I hope that we could go back there again someday.  I wouldn't want to stay  very long  though, it gets tiring  after a couple of days.  I think two to three days is enough to enjoy the place.
This year, we won't be able to go  on a far destination as traveling isn't in our budget this year but hopefully we could do something fun together.  To my siblings, I miss you guys so much.  I pray that we could all get together soon.