Thursday, November 13, 2008


As a mom of two toddlers, I find it difficult to go to shopping malls and department stores during the colder months of the year. Getting myself and the kids bundled up to go out in the weather and battle the elements isn't really worth the risk of finding a good deal on an item. During the cold and flu season, you have to be extra careful in public places and it just isn't worth the risk. So my solution to that is shopping online. 

The advantage of online shopping is that you have the capacity to browse all the merchants by going to their websites and compare prices. But this time around, I discovered an online webbiestore that has the list of all the sale items from different store. Pretty cool eh? is a one stop shop for everything that you're looking for. You can find huge selection of products from different stores, this means the more product available, the more savings you can get right? I love to cook and kitchen gadgets are always my prospected product to buy. 

Hubby and daughter love baking so our mixer is always being used. Now its getting worn out and I am planning to get them a new stand mixer for their baking spree. I also would like to purchase a new blender for my daughter because she love making a milkshake with her dad.


How do you know if the site you are visiting is safe? Hubby told me an interesting fact about online security. You might know this already but I still want to share this to those who don't. He said that when the URL of the website you are visiting starts with https, it is safe because the additional s stands for secure . Businesses, especially banks, pay for this additional feature for the purpose of their clients security. But this https don't show up until you go to your log in part. Check out your bank's website and see... Tell me if it has the additional feature. This is how you can tell a phishing email. Say for example if you use paypal, there are spoof email being sent by spammer but their only consist of http while the real paypal is https.