Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Read Your Heart Out

Friday night is  fun for the kids as we let them stay a little late than usual.    They get to  watch TV with us until 10 pm. These photos were taken last weekend after enjoying our pizza dinner. 
Weekend does not mean free of homework for my kids.  We still do stuff like reading, I let them read 20 minutes a day.  I am so impressed of the progress that my 6 year old son has in reading.  He  is reading his Bible on the first video and reading another book on the second video.  

  • Reading is fun for the kids when you are there for them.  They won't be interested if you  just tell them to read by themselves.  You have to get involve.
  • To make sure that your kids understand what they read, ask them questions afterwards.  This is when the reward system comes in our  home.  I asked them questions and I give them stickers for every right answers.  They tend to pay attention to what they read that way.  At least for my kids, it works effectively.
  • Use index cards  for them to  write their answers to avoid copying.
My children are very competitive so sometimes, they would ask for more question just so they could accumulate more rewards.    It seems not fair for the young one but he actually can compete with his sister.  I am grateful to have two wonderful kids, I couldn't ask for more.

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