Saturday, May 29, 2010


Psssssstttt...I will reveal one of my secrets... Do you know that I am so scared of any kinds of squirmy wormy? Yes I am! .. I can't even look at them when they are moving.. So freaky ewww! My husband laughs at me whenever I see a worm because I can scream lol.
The other day, I was busy doing the laundry while hubby and EJ are in the garage cleaning the car. He called me and said "Please come quick and bring the camera." That is what he was playing with.. A freaking caterpillar wahhhhhhh.
I called Rylie and thought that she would be sacred but heck no, she liked it too... I am glad they are not like me. BUT, they are scared of spiders and I am NOT! We use to play with spiders when I was a kid.

The pores of my skin were big while taking pictures of my burritos playing with the caterpillar hahaha.
And then they decided to keep it inside the house. They put it in a container and put some leaves some leaves on it for him to eat. Oh lord, my kids are fearless lol.
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