Monday, September 27, 2010

Bedroom Needs

Okay, here's our dilemma of having two bedroom house. Right now, our two kids are occupying the same room. We bought a bunk bed for them to use.  Well, they are okay with it  until during bed time.  The little girl does not want a night light but the little boy  wants one.  To meet the agreement, we have to leave the door a little bit open just so a  light from the hallway will be visible at their bedroom.  Hubby does not like the idea of leaving their bedroom door open.
Because of that circumstance, hubby  is browsing  on the list of the houses for sale in the area.  I told him that we should make our plans after  he graduate and  has  a new job so that we can have  house where  it's convenient both for his work and our kid's school.  I really love where our house is right now because we are close to a lot of things like post office, bank, hospital, school, and other establishments.   The only problem is  that  it is not big enough for the four of us.

Having said that, once we can find a new place to live, we will need to buy new bed sets for them.  Our daughter has a complete set already but our son does not have one yet.  So even if it is still far, we are now starting our plans.  The designs of  the bedroom sets below and above would be perfect for our burritos.

I think it would be great if instead of buying an existing house,  is to just buy a parcel of land and build a new home.    Oh, I would love it for sure. I hope that  whatever job my husband will get next time, we would be able to afford buying a parcel of land and build our dream house there.  Right now, it is just a thought.  That's the only possible thing I could do hahaha.  Oh well as the song goes, "Que Sera Sera" or Whatever will Be, Will Be - will determine  what we're going to do  in the near future.