Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's laugh

Hey, its time for us to have a little laugh while blogging.... here are my picks, hope you like it. I got this from the annual humor issue of the Reader's Digest called Laugh.

GEE, thanks for help
For some reason, the bookstore clerk couldn't get the computer to recognize my preferred costumer card. Peering over her shoulder at the screen, I said, "There's part of the problem, it shows my birthdate as 12/31/1899."
"That's right," my husband chimed in. "She was born in June , not December."
M. Patricia Capin

At 82 years old, my husband applied for for his first passport. he was told he would need a birth certificate, but his birth had never been officially registered. When he explained his dilemma to the pasport agent, the response was less than helpful. "It's all right," the agent said. "Just bring a notarized affidavit from the doctor who delivered you." Elgarda Ashliman

Come on guys, have a good laugh!

Silent Mode

These are my children's looks when they are seriously watching their favorite cartoon shows.. Sometimes, they want their Daddy to sit and watch with them. When I want to accomplish something, I have to let them watch TV or else I won't able to do anything. Watching TV is not bad as long as you choose what shows are good for them. The shows that are relevant to their development and learnings. There are shows on TV which isn't appropriate for younger age, even if they are produced for kids, you still have to filter/examine them.

PEZ dispenser collection

My children love collecting stuff. They have been saving all these PEZ dispenser of their favorite cartoon characters. Does your kids collect and save the things they have? Here's EJ and Rylie counting how many PEZ candy dispenser they have had so far. Its one of those things that they can play and share without picking on each other hahaha. They each have their own favorites. Rylie love the Winnie the Pooh members and EJ love the ones with cars and racer designs on it.