Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scared from Santa Claus

We attended a Christmas party for the whole base last Friday but I wasn't able to post this right away, I been busy doing stuff here and there. But anyhow, it was good, not really great but good. Each sailors received some presents and the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and was given gifts too. Dinner was served at six before Santa arrived so we got to eat before the kids got cranky hehehe.. hare are some of the snapshots.Here was Santa arriving in front of Turtle Cove's entrance Door. The kids were thrilled but not my son. He was scared of him. We tried to let him sit in his lap but he freaked out lol...
Santa handing candy canes... My daughter was the littlest one trying to participate.
Here's where EJ freaked out hahaha....
Here they are, opening the presents that Santa gave to them.
On the way out, we tried to convince EJ again to take a pic with Santa but there's no luck lol...
Here are the presents tadahhhhhhhhhh... Thanks Santa! Good night everyone, it is 3 am here already, gosh.. I have to go to work tomorrow so I'll visit you back tomorrow night. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. God bless y'all people and happy blogging!

Giant Spider

My daughter and husband have a phobia on spiders. Well, yesterday as I was busy with my daily routine, she showed me this picture of art that she drew. At first glanced, I thought it was an ant but she told me that the reason why she cried the other night because this giant spider is trying to get her. So basically she had a bad dream about it hehehe.I admire my daughter's interest with arts because I don't have it. I suck in drawing stuff hahaha. My husband however is very good, I think most of his family members knows how to draw pretty well. That makes me happy because my weakness is their strength hehehe. Balanced right?

Jolly & Melancholy

I took this picture of our treasures last Sunday on our way to church. My son wasn't feeling very good due to the fever he's got for a couple of days. Rylie on the other hand, as usual she's always ready to jam in front of the camera.
Rylie went with me at work after church and as soon as we arrived there, she told me that she wanted to go home already, wahhhhhhhhhhh! Good thing, my work is just a walking distance from our home lol.. Since I only walk going to and from work, I tried running on a tread mill even for 10 minutes right before I go home, that way I am warm. It is too cold in here already, well at least from my own opinion. Other foreigner said that it's just okay. For me it is too cold. Brrrrrrr!