Sunday, December 20, 2009

Champ's first Vet visit

The breeder where we bought our pup Champ told us that he's due for the second shot this month so yesterday hubby made an appointment and we took Champ to the doctor. I think Champ can feel that something is going to happen to him because he got so nervous while we were driving going to the vet's office.
The vet doctor gave him one shot, squirted something in his mouth for de-worming stuff, checked for fleas and his over all physique. He said that Champ is so healthy and a little husky for his age... ruff ruff.

He taught us on how to discipline him. He said that Champ is in his age now where he understand discipline. We been having a hard time making him go outside to do his wee wee and duke but he is getting better though. I think it's just the weather that hindering him to do it outside.

Inside the reception area of the Vet's office.
While waiting for the doctor to come, Champ was shivering so we had to give some love and reassurance that he will be okay.
I find this Christmas tree cute because it has Christmas cards with pets pictures.
And so is the wreath.
Alrighty folks, our baby will have his next shot next month. I did not know that dogs are much more expensive than a human visit to the doctor lol. I think, we may have to get him an insurance to cover some of those expenses.