Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On the second day of water outage, the pipes started to have a gargling sound like water will start pouring down so all of us stared at our faucet, anticipating for the water to come out. But we did not get lucky, the gargling sound disappear after 30 minutes.
We ended up going to Follansbee, nearby city, to take our showers at my NIL.  Thanks a lot Jen and Jim!
After  taking showers, we let the kids bond with Gracie and other kids for a while before we headed back home.
THe little one was so excited in showing Ms. Burrito her toys.
Rubberized lizard toy under their chins.
Oh it's the worst feeling you'll have when you lost water. It's bad when there's a flood but it's also but when there's nothing, even a drop.