Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tallest Man

I know that I am lacking in height but standing next to the tallest man in the world, makes me feel so little lol.  Holly molly, his waist is my height hahaha.
Photo was taken inside the Ripley's Believe it or Not during our fun adventures in Alamo last June.
Shadow Shots

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Investment Advice

My husband told me about the friend he had when he was still in the Navy.  He said that his friend was really good with  investment.  He studied how the  stock market works and he would often  get  a huge  ROI on his investment.  Some people are just naturally smart in handling their own investment but   for some  who wants to engage into investment but not sure  how to do it, investment experts like  Scott Gelbard can help.  

Hiring a professional like Scott Gelbard could ensure that your money   will be invested  right.  I mean it is cheaper if you do it yourself but it is also risky especially if   you are not  very particular with it.  Financial or investment advice is necessary especially if you are planning to  invest a huge amount.    The expertise of professionals like the one I mentioned above will  very beneficial for you and your future invest endeavor.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bowling is a Great Family Bonding

We went bowling back in July and the kids had a blast.  Hubby and I  did not bowl, we just let the kids  do it and they had a blast.  

Bowling is definitely one of the activities  that they love doing.  I just wish that they don't charge much for a game hehehe.  It is worth every penny though because you can just see their faces when they  get good scores.
And of course, it's a photo opportunity for all of us.
We had   pizza after their game.  My husband calls this a cardboard pizza but I thought that it was alright.

If you are looking for a good  family bonding activity, visit one of those bowling alley in your area and your kids will sure have fun!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In a relationship, listening is a vital aspect that should be practiced. Even if your spouse is talking about the things from work that doesn't ring a bell to you like Shipping Containers  or Metal Fabrication, it is important that you listen when they talk about it. This is vital especially if they came home and had a bad day at work. Talking about it releases the stress that they have had from their job or work. 

You may not be able to relate to the topic that he is talking about but at least, you are there willing to listen.  I am a good listener and whenever  hubby is  talking about something  from his work, I try to understand or even if I don't understand  it, I listened to him because  it gives him the avenue to share what   day he had at work.  It is   the same way with him when I tell him about my experience on  certain  Photo on Canvas that I reviewed or  things that I got from the mail that doesn't ring a bell to him.  Open communication is really important to make a relationship work.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Children of the Woods

We took the kids at Tomlinson Run after we attended church last Sunday.  The kids  had so much fun when we explored the creek and found some  craw fish and they wanted to do it again.  So we did that and then we dropped by at the picnic area so they could  play in the playground a little bit.

One of the  many things that I love about my husband is his love for  children.  He is always there for them.  He is the kind of Dad who loves to play  with  the kids no matter how  tired he is from  working.

They both crashed  on the way home as they were very tired from those walking and walking around.

Car Rental During our Vacation Orlando Florida.

Two years ago, we had  a grand time exploring Disney World.

Our vacation package deal includes a car, a hotel  accommodation, and  plane tickets.  During our first day, we decided to ride  a bus going to Disney and that was a big mistake because we ended up  hiring a taxi to take us  back to the hotel.

We learned our lessons so the  succeeding days, we just drove our rented car.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jade Mere

You might have read  my post from my other blog about my dream of  visiting New Zealand.  Well, that is still a dream and hope that it could become a reality in the future.  I was looking at the products that are made in New Zealand and found this Jade Mere really beautiful.  The Jade Mere is an ornamental used for both ceremonial and  fighting purposes by Maori warriors.  I also love the  blue paua heart pendant  and the possum fur baby  booties little pixie is so darn cute!
Greenstone Jade Maori Mere-18cm (7") with Stand
Greenstone Jade Maori Mere
Blue Paua Pearl Heart Pendant  8.0mm
Love this blue paua pearl heart pendant
Possum Fur Baby Booties Little Pixies
Possum Fur Baby Booties little pixies

Friday, September 6, 2013

Link Vehicle - Easy Work at Home

I am sure that most of the bloggers who  does paid advertising on their blogs, knows about Link Vehicle.  Link Vehicle is one of those network that helps advertisers connects with publishers or bloggers around the globe.  Link Vehicle was name as the "Best in Search" by TopSEOs in March 2012.  This network  was founded by two buddies, a software engineer and digital marketing specialist, and a successful online marketing expert.  With their experience, they  know how to reach  to the target market.

 I started working for Link Vehicle back in August of 2012.  Working with them is  easier than the rest of the network where I work.  They don't  ask too many requirements  unlike other networks does.  Link Vehicle recently  started giving guest posts article which I really like because  they are  high quality written articles that are  suited t the niche of your blog.  I also love the fact that they paid higher than the  most of the networks I work with.  

Here are the proof of payments from them  since I started blogging for  them in September 2012.
  • September 2012 - $61.94
  • October 2012 - $81.00
  • November 2012 - $145.89
  • December 2012 - $51.75
  • January 2013 - $201.00
  • February 2013 - $387.50
  • March 2013 - $366.00
  • April 2013 - $194.89
  • May 2013 - $223.80
  • June 2013 - $418.87
  • July 2013 - $173.00
  • August 2013 - $243.60
  • September 2013 - $191.30
  • October 2013 - $647.58
  • November 2013 - $236.35
  • December 2013 - $124.05
  • January 2014 - $250
As you can see, as time progresses, my earnings went up a little.  It's been a year since I  started working with them and I love it.  I made $2,74045 in a year of working  at Link Vehicle.  Here are some  factors that you might consider if you want to  work  for them.
  1. Improve your site's ranking (Google Page Ranks)
  2. Increase your blog's Visitor (You can participate to  blog hop via facebook groups.
  3. Lower your  blogs's bounce rate .  You can join us here  We syndicate and comment in one.  The longer your visitor stays in your blog, the lower bounce rate you will get which is very important.
  4. Make sure to update your blog with  non-paid articles.
Those are just  a few  tricks that you can do.  Now, if you are ready to be part of LLnk Vehicle, just click the  banner below and sign up.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dental Visit for the Whole Family

We scheduled our  second oral prophylaxis last Thursday.  Both of our dentists are Filipinos and they are the nicest people ever.  They are very down to earth which separates them from other professionals who make you feel like they are above you.   My husband  goes to  the male dentist while me and the kids goes to the  female.  

I remember when we  were new here, we used to go to  a different dentist and I was very uncomfortable when my teeth is being  work on as the dentist was not friendly at all.  It makes you feel so nervous.  Glad a friend of ours recommended the Alimario's.  So when we came back from  Korea, we started going to them and the kids just love them.  

Getting Your Garden Ready for Shark Week

There are certain events that become so popular that they are now part of pop culture and people enjoy celebrating them. Superbowl Sunday is a perfect example, but another great example would be Shark Week. What started out as an educational promotion became a phenomenon that a lot of people look forward to every year. In that case, what better way to show your support than to have a Shark Week party in your garden? Best of all, we can help with these tips.

1. Simulated Destruction
This idea is not for everyone as it will cause some damage to your garden furniture, depending on how far you are willing to take it. Basically, the idea is to have your garden look like it has been attacked by sharks. In order to do that, you can rip out a piece of a chair or a table in order to look like it was bitten or you can rip the gazebo canopy to shreds. You might need a gazebo canopy replacement afterwards, but it will really sell the look.
2. Use Fins
There is no shark image more iconic than that of the fin protruding out of the water while the shark swims below. This means that you can add a fin to anything you want and give it a shark vibe. Some of the better ideas include having a fin floating around in the pool and using fin-shaped ice cubes.
3. Shark Week Movies
If you have a movie projector, you can put it to good use by watching some shark classics while outside. There are plenty of scary movies to choose from, as well as a lot of corny B-movies that can be enjoyed for their unintended humor.
Whenever you need some extra furniture for your garden, remember to visit Yes Com USA and you can find a wide selection of top quality items.