Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Read Your Heart Out

Friday night is  fun for the kids as we let them stay a little late than usual.    They get to  watch TV with us until 10 pm. These photos were taken last weekend after enjoying our pizza dinner. 
Weekend does not mean free of homework for my kids.  We still do stuff like reading, I let them read 20 minutes a day.  I am so impressed of the progress that my 6 year old son has in reading.  He  is reading his Bible on the first video and reading another book on the second video.  

  • Reading is fun for the kids when you are there for them.  They won't be interested if you  just tell them to read by themselves.  You have to get involve.
  • To make sure that your kids understand what they read, ask them questions afterwards.  This is when the reward system comes in our  home.  I asked them questions and I give them stickers for every right answers.  They tend to pay attention to what they read that way.  At least for my kids, it works effectively.
  • Use index cards  for them to  write their answers to avoid copying.
My children are very competitive so sometimes, they would ask for more question just so they could accumulate more rewards.    It seems not fair for the young one but he actually can compete with his sister.  I am grateful to have two wonderful kids, I couldn't ask for more.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Communion Dress

Ms. Burrito is having her first communion sometime in May.  We have been looking for communion dress in the mall in Steubenville but I could not find one.  I looked  online and found  so many but the prices are just way too high.  Then I  got to thinking, maybe someone   has it in Listia, an  online place where I am an active member.  I searched for it and voila, I found  one that fits my baby girl's size.  

The dress is new.  The former owner said that she bought it for her  daughter  but never got to wear it as it was too small.  I bid on it and won the auction using the points I have from the site.  I only paid shipping fee and am so glad because it saved me a good bit of money.
She's wearing my wedding gloves on this photo.
She tried the dress yesterday and it fits her perfectly.  I still have to get her a veil and a pair of shoes.  She has a pair of white shoes in the closet and we did not realized how big her feet has grown in just a matter of months, whew. She is wearing her  Cinderella shoes in these photos.  I was going to make her a veil out of my wedding veil but I thought of preserving it so I would just buy one for her to use.  
As you can see in the photos, even  though she's smiling, she was fevered  that time.  She is still feeling a little bit down  today.  I hope that she would get better soon.  Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Time is a Fun Time

On my husband's birthday, we chose not to go out.  We stayed at home and just enjoyed the day.  We had fun taking photos.   I asked my daughter not to make funny faces this time and glad she obeyed lol.
Hubby is tying to look serious so I teased him and  he burst out laughing..
Family times should  always  be a fun time.  Even our fur babies love to have fun with us!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fever and Body Chills

Hey there everyone, how y'all doing?  Some members of my family has been feeling down the weather this week.  I knew that something was wrong  with our son last Sunday because he was very quiet when we were doing our taxes at H&R Block  He also fell asleep which was  very odd so I knew then that the sickness was coming.  Came  Monday morning, he was so hot.  So I did not send him to school.

However, we took him to the church that evening because Ms. Burrito had her first confession.  He was fevered again that night and on Tuesday so he stayed home with me.  He felt a little better on Wednesday so he went to school.  He was very excited for Thursday as they have a Valentine's party.  Below are the treats that  we prepared for his  classmates.  
On Thursday morning, his fever was over 103 and he was shaking so I had no choice but to  keep him at home.  When my daughter came home,  she gave me her brother's homework and there was a note from the teacher expressing her concern about my son's absences.    I appreciate her concern  because I am very much concern about it  as well.

When a child is sick, there is nothing really you can do, but to keep them at home and take care of them. I was a little upset with the tone of the letter because she is thinking that my son is just having his separation anxiety issues, which isn't the case. The reason why I don't want to send him to school  is because I don't want the other kids to get sick as well. 

 I was going to let him go to school today but he vomited and was staggering when he tried to walk, he said he felt dizzy. Again, for the fourth time today, I did not send my son to school as I don't want him to be in agony. I know that he will not learn anything because he won't be able to function normally.  I know when my son is sick and when he is making excuses. 

I have so much anxiety about the issue that I did not sleep well last night. I wrote a note to the teacher and explained everything what is going on. Hopefully she'll understand the situation. 

 Being a parent is challenging. You deal with so many things everyday. It's frustrating sometimes when your child is being misunderstood. It's hard for parents to see their kids sick and it's much worst when someone doesn't believe it's the case. 

 I brought him to the doctor today. They tested him for flu and we will know the result maybe tomorrow. He is still congested and coughing but at least the fever is not that high anymore.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

Valentine's day is just  a couple of days away.  Do you have special plans to celebrate it with your  Sweetheart?   February is a celebration of my husband's birthday so we  usually combine these two occasion  in one celebration.  There won't be any extravagant stuff, just  being with  our children is special enough for us!
Photos were taken last Friday at my  FIL's home.

Have an extra exciting and enjoyable  Valentine's day everyone!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pizza Day

My Burritos  asked us if we could  designate  a Friday or Saturday a pizza and  movie night.  We  told them yes as it also gives us time to sit and relax with them.    Mr. Burrito said that he will buy the pizza  on one of the Saturdays, we were laughing because we know that he was talking about the free pizza that he gets  for reading.  I am proud of him though for sticking to the program.
The happy eater with a shadowy background
 These duo love to make their Mickey mouse faces when I am not in the mood so I would smile lol.  Who wouldn't?
Okidoci folks, have a great weekend.

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