Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Registration Day

We were so busy today, whew! We woke up early because we went to school and register our kindergärtner princess. The tuition fee cost was $2050.00, arrrghhh. We paid it off because we don't want to deal with the monthly payment and besides we set aside the money for that so we don't want to spend it for other things. It's a little expensive but hubby and I think that it's all worth it since the school is a very nice community for our kids where family values are prioritized.
After registration, we went to Rylie's classroom where we met her teacher. Mrs. Runkel showed Rylie around. It is pretty neat how they do it here. The teacher prepared some welcome stuff for the kids with their name tags on it. Since we call our daughter by her middle name, the teacher will have to change the Jillian names to Rylie lol, sorry about that Ma'am Precy. That's what Rylie got which our sweet tooth little boy gladly took lol.
She also gave us some infos about the class and other things that we need to know. After that, we went to Hannover Park because one f the kindergarten parents set up a parents-students meet up which is very nice because we got to familiarize ourselves with each other.
The kids had so much fun with the other kids, will post about it later. Then we will go to the uniform place tomorrow. The parents decided that the kids will wear a uniform on Mondays and Thursday. Kindergarten are not reqired to wear a uniform but some suggested that it would be good if they get accustom to wearing one. So let's see. For now, I gotta hit the bed because I have to wake early again tomorrow wahhhh.