Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prayer Get-Together

We were invited by a filipina friend for prayer gathering last weekend so me and the kids went. She told me not to bring food because she said that she ordered some from the Chinese restaurant and other Filipinos promised to bring some menus to but I brought with us some ginataan (Filipino dessert) anyway. I don't want to go there without bringing anything. Well, I should have listened to her because there were tons of foods in there.
The kids had so much playing with the kids, although they got sick after that gathering which led me to believed that they got food poisoning from there.
All the kids in the photos are half Filipinos and half Americans. After saying the rosary, the ladies had a jewelry presentation from someone who work as a jewlery agent.
I brought my kids at the back porch when we ate our food but we did not last there because it was cold. We just enjoyed the beautiful view and we came back in.
I took this beautiful combination of two trees in full bloom in front of their neighbor's house.

Thank you all for including my children in your prayers, they are feeling better now. Although their appetite are still down but at least they are not sick anymore. Praise God for He is great!