Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hair Color

Mr. Burrito's Lumber Jax  became one of Ms. Burrito's favorite thing to build.  This log set definitely a good toy to have for your creative children.  They get to enjoy building a house out of logs.
On the other hand, let me show you Ms. Burrito's hair color.  Her hair has a light brown color  at the tips whereas my hair is  super dark.
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Free Foreclosure Blog

I think  every homeowner's fear is not to be able to keep up with the home mortgage payment every month.  Life is so unpredictable  and we can never guarantee that we  always have our job.  When that happens, home foreclosure is a possibility especially if you do not have extra savings to cover those expenses.  It is probably what happen to the  former home owners of the   Free Foreclosures listing at Free Foreclosure Blog.  

You can see real estate  owned foreclosure in your area by clicking the  specific  state on the map.  You can also add   your listing if you want to add a property for foreclosure.  There is nothing else you can do but face the reality if you ever  come up with this hard situation.  At least there are website like Free Foreclosure Blog that offer this kind of services for free.