Monday, March 7, 2022

Struggles with Capturing the Moment

 I really miss those years when my kids would ask me to take their [pictures because that is so hard to do now that they are teens.

This is what I get when I ask to take their pictures.  They hide their faces lol.
When I do manage to take it, they would say "Don't post it please?"  But hey, I'd like for them to look back on these moments captured when they're older and say, I'm glad Mom took a lot of pictures (I hope).

I can't believe that my little chubby baby is turning into a man.  His voice is as deep as his dad now.  Ahh time flies!
I'd love for my children to be confident of who they are.  It might be very biased for me to say this because I am their mother but to me, they would always look beautiful in my eyes.
I will keep praying for both of you to grow up well, to have your own family and be happy.  I'd cheer for your success as well.