Friday, March 4, 2011

Income Tax Return

We finally did our taxes last night at H & R Block. My niece in law did it for free for us. Our fee could have been $487 but since we are her relative, it was free. That's why even if she doesn't want us to give her anything, we gave her a tip because she spent time with us.  Thanks a lot Jen.
There were books, crayons, and other stuff for the kids to do in their office so I was glad  because the kids got busy doing stuff.
Mr. Burrito do not feeling really well so he kinda sat in the corner and just  watch.
Ms. Burrito on the other hand was very busy coloring books.
We got back more than what we expected so hooray for that.  We also found out that we  don't have to pay state tax since  hubby's pension did not  reached the quota for those who need to pay.  That was a big relief for me because we always pay  over 12 hundred bucks for it.

  We will have a fund for our  front porch project this summer.  God hooked us up because we  also have to pay for the plumber who did our  gas line today.  Life is really good even with obstacles sometimes.