Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Our weekend was a busy one.  We visited my brother-in-law who has been battling with cancer since last Thanksgiving.  We were so surprised to learn that his doctor  has decided  to stop  his chemo treatment.  According to my BIL, the doctor told him that if the chemo will be continued, it will just make it worse and shorten his life to three months.  The doctor then told him to enjoy his remaining time of 6-9 months.

It's a devastating  revelation for all of us because  the doctor told us before that everything was  great after his surgery, that the remaining  cancer spots in his liver  can just be treated with chemo.  The doctor just  pulled out  that remaining HOPE we all have for my BIL.  My SIL made some calls and she was able to  contact American Cancer Society.  They have an appointment sometime this month and we are all hoping and praying that  there still hope and chance for my BIL to recover this battle.
 The kids were so sad upon learning the news, they  both love Uncle Dave and the thought that  his days are  getting short makes them so sad. 
 My husband's  theory about it is that, maybe my BIL has maxed out his insurance already that they would no longer pay for any treatment.  We are praying for a MIRACLE to happen, we all hope that my BIL would still be given a chance  and get cured  by this new doctor that will examine him.
Please include my BIL in your prayer, thank you so much!