Friday, October 30, 2015

A Summer Job They BOth Love

These past summer, one of our neighbor hire the kids to take care of their dog whenever they're at work.  The kids were very happy because  they find something to do  during their school break.  I   was so glad too because  at a young age, my kids are starting to appreciate having a "job" and earning from it.  So you see, just because  they work for it, they learn to value their money.  
 I mean, I have no issue with my daughter in saving money but my son is a spender.  This  "job" however , changed his perception about  spending.  He learned that, it feels better to  work and "earn" from it.  He saved all his "summer job" pay in his wallet and hasn't  spend it yet.  He said that he will continue to save his money so that when he is old enough to drive, he has some saved up already to buy his own car.  I think, in his mind, buying a car is like buying a box of donutt lol.  But it's okay, at least he is  setting a goal for him to work on.
 I love that our neighbors dogs are so gentle.  They are big dogs but really gentle with kids.
 We had a great summer and these dogs are part of it.  Dog sitters is a summer job they both love.
Our children are still young but hubby and I  are  planting seed in their young mind that  it is very important to be active.  We told them the importance of  work and working hard to achieve  goals.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What Can I Do To Optimize The Appearance Of My Home?

As many homeowners know, optimizing the appearance of one's living space can boost mood, enhance comfort, and make your house the haven you've always wanted it to be. However, many residential property owners find themselves uncertain how to get the home improvement process started. If this is your current dilemma, know that there are numerous home improvement strategies that can enhance your property's aesthetic. Here are three of them: 

1. Invest In New Furniture.

One great way for you to optimize the appearance of your home is to invest in new furniture. New furniture refreshes your residential property and also optimizes its functionality by ensuring that you're no longer dealing with old, decrepit pieces. When you start the search for new furniture, be sure to take your shopping endeavors online. Online furniture companies like Boyles Furniture and  Rugs are pleased to offer a wide range of excellent brands, including Bernardt

2. Hire An Interior Decorator. 

In addition to optimizing the appearance of your home by investing in new furniture, you can accomplish the objective by hiring an interior decorator. Although DIY projects are all the rage these days, you're much more likely to attain the proficient, precise services that enhance your property's aesthetic when you leave the work to the professionals. As you start your search for the ideal interior decorator, be sure that she or he possesses all of the following attributes:

• positive online reviews
• industry experience 
• a proven track record
• excellent customer service

3. Go Green. 

Yet another strategy you can implement to make your home look amazing is to go green. While adopting more environment-friendly home improvement practices is good for the planet, it can also enhance the look of your residential property. For example, replacing artificial light with natural light from the sun can provide your property with a very organic, lively aesthetic. Keep in mind that many interior decorators specialize in transforming traditional homes into green friendly havens. 

Start Optimizing Your Home Right Now

If you want your residential property to look absolutely incredible, it's important to know that implementing proven strategies will help expedite and optimize the home improvement process. To ensure that you can take your home's aesthetic from good to great, be sure to utilize some or all of the techniques and tips provided above!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last Hurrah of the Summer

A close friend invited us over to their house to swim.  I told my husband that we would surprise the kids  and that we should not  tell them about it.  I [packed their swimming  stuff and towels and put it in the car before they come home from school,  So when they got home, we told them that their piano  lesson was moved at an earlier time so we have to leave  real soon.  They changed their uniform and grabbed their books and off we went.  They were not paying attention when  we were driving  so they did not realize where we are going until we made that turn and they finally saw where were at.  They asked why we were there, we told them that I have to drop off something.  We bought a cake  at Gus's Goodies.  When we parked, the kids asked if they can go down the car nd say hi to the kids.  We said yes.
 When we  got to their  baclyard, the other kids were in their swimsuit and our kids was like wondering.  So we spilled the beans and told them to change their  clothes and  swim.  They were so shocked lol.  We got them really good.  My son kept telling me "Mom,, you lied to us!"  I told him that it was a good lie hahaha.
 They really had a great time out there.
 These two are BFFs, they are like two peas in a pod. I love watching them   have fun.
I hope that when they grow up that they will still be friends.  So this was their last hurrah of the summer this year.  Although, EJ got sick the next morning, at least they have enjoyed to the fullest.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making A Shaving Kit

If you're a man who wants to grow a beard, there are a few essentials that you might need in order to maintain the look and keep the beard from looking ragged. There are also items aside from beard grooming products that would make shaving in general a little easier.
The first thing that you need to get for the kit is a razor. There are razors with two blades and three blades. Some of them have a single blade, but they don't offer the protection for the skin that a multi-blade razor would offer. After you find the right razor for the beard or mustache that you want to shave, you need to get a cream to apply to the face so that it's easier to remove as much hair as possible. A cream will make the hair on the face soft. When the hair is wet, it will be easier to take the razor through the hair, getting to the skin on the face instead of trying to shave hair that might be coarse. You can use only water to shave with, but you won't get the softness that a cream would offer. An after shave can be applied to the skin after the hair is gone to help prevent a rash from developing and to keep the skin soft.

A shaving brush is something else to consider adding to your kit. It can be used to apply cream to the face or to wipe off excess hair after you have shaved. If you have sensitive skin, then it might be best to use a product that will prepare the skin for the razor. If you don't want to shave the entire beard, you will need the tools to keep it trimmed. An electric trimmer is ideal for those who don't want to spend a lot of time cutting hair. However, if you want a precise look, then a beard comb and a small pair of scissors are something to consider adding to your kit. A small bag can be used to keep the items in so that you don't lose them.