Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pre-Schooler at Home

Our son is suppose to go to pre-school this year but he wasn't ready yet so we did not force him. I am teaching him at home instead.  Last week was our first week and he did good so far.
We only have two hours   of  session on weekdays, from 10-12.    I picked that time because that's when he is very attentive.
We only did  four days last week but this week will be a five-day week full of  fun for the two of us.
I am  happy that he is showing interest in leaqrning compared to  last year when I tried to  teach him.  He can write his name already.  There are letters that he finds it hard to write but  I am sure that in  time, he will get it.
I have a pre-school  book that I bought in  Walmart and I am slowly introducing it to him.
I am so proud of you Mr. Burrito.
I will be very busy  from now on because of my pre-schooler at home.
This is him when he is getting tired, he would say "Can I take a break please?" Lol!
With patience, he will learn the things that  he need to  learn before going to kindergarten next year.