Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun inside the Box

When we were packing out our household goods in Korea, our burritos are getting bored and they found this box with Styrofoam on it. They played with it for a while and then when EJ got tired, he went inside it hehehe.

Transferring from one place to another is very hard especially when you have little kids. It is so stressful but I also see it as an opportunity of exploring other place that we've never been. Depending on whatever job my husband gets after retirement, we will probably get another abode for us. He was planning on looking at the house plans that would suit our budget. If our budget will permit, I would love to have a bigger house away from the city. My husband and I like to have house with a bigger backyard, wide space porch and stuff. Ahhh it is so nice to make dreams isn't it. Sometimes I don't want to wake up anymore lol.

Driving Around

We drove around the area the other day just to ease the boredom of the winter. I took some snaps of the bald trees, the icicles and other stuff that I found interesting. It might not be as interested with your perception but for me everything is designed by God for a reason.

Whenever we drive around, my husband and I talks about just anything that we can think of like the weather, Insurance, and life in general. Most of the time, we always reminisce the time when it is just me and him. We kinda miss those moments but we're happier now that we have little burritos running around our house and giving us migraine sometimes hahaha.
The icicles on this area were huge then but now they are so small maybe because we haven't had heavy snowfall. If you guys love to take pictures of the sky, join us in Looking at the Sky on Friday.

My FIL's Sofa Bed

Now that we are temporarily living here at my father-in-law, we are using his sofa bed. My husband took this photo when I was taking a nap the other day. Dad's house has two big bedroom on the second floor, my husband and EJ uses the other bed at the other room and me and Rye on this room. I am glad that my children and my FIL are having a great time together. They are making up for the lost time when we were in Korea for almost two years.

We will be transferring to our own home after the holidays and before we do that we have to get a double deck bed for the kids. We have been looking for childrens beds in the nearest store here in our area and also looked online. Hopefully we could find one that is a little inexpensive, maybe Santa Claus will be able to hear my wishes and grant it lol. Sorry for my cheesy rumbling folks. Need to go hit the bed now so goodnight everyone. Thanks for dropping by.

Last Church Attendance

I took these photos after we got out from our last church attendance at the church inside the base in Chinhae, South Korea. Now that we are settled back home, I am so happy but at the same time I am missing the place. I'm just glad that we have a lot of photos to look back into.
Thanks for dropping by folks.