Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Grades and a Bunny

Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. Burrito are so proud of Ms. Burrito for doing such a great job with her studies.  We just signed the third grading  of her report card.  All of the aspects are satisfactory.
They are just now being taught about addition but  Ms. Burrito has been doing it  even before she started her classes so I am sure that she will do great on that.
She is also starting to spell some four letter words and other long words that she knows already.
With that being said, we rewarded her with a bunny, his name is Wubzy and he is being spoiled in the house by us.  You would find more pictures of this  fella at Ms. Burrito's blog.
I would also  want to congratulate Mr. Burrito in showing interest in learning.  I am not enforcing the teaching to him  if he is not  in the mood.  I wait till he is in the mood and that is when we do it.  Lately, he has been showing progress on writing letters.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fish Pond

We've played with  my SIL's  big dog for a while at her backyard when we visited her  last weekend.  I got to take some cool photos.  My burritos were looking for the fish on the fish pond above.  I am not sure if they hibernate or they died.

Personalized Candy Holder

We dropped by at my SIL's house  yesterday before we visited my FIL.  I saw this personalized candy holder (not sure if it is) in their center table.  I thought it's pretty cute how she used the family pictures to  add a personal touch to it.

Her grand children Shelby and Gracie.
On the other side is our  family picture.
Isn't that cute?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Day

St. Patrick's day was a busy day for us.
  • We attended a mass in the morning at the church
  • We had dental appointments when Ms. Burrito got out from school.
  • From the dentist, we ate at a Mexican restaurant.
  • then we visited my FIL
We all wore green including Champ.
While waiting for the mass to start, we  took the chance to take some photos.  
Ms. Burrito requested for me to  upload  the pictures of her and her classmates on her  Kids e-Connection website so you will see it there.

I thank God that my son did not suffer long from the pink eye that he had a couple of days ago.  Thank you also for your prayers  friends.  I am thankful that I gotta to  talk to my mother on the phone for over an hour.  I am glad that even though we are not rich, we can still  give some help to my family in the Philippines.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Test Fire and Enjoying the Wild Life

We went and visit my brother-in-law out in New Cumberland last weekend. My husband brought the hunting gun that he bought so he could test fire it at my BIL's property.
We called  Dad earlier if he wants to go with us  but he said no.  We went to his anyway and I convinced him to go.  Thanks Dad!
The humongous racing track at my BIL's game room.
This kind of activity is  so much enjoyed by our burritos.  They love to explore the nature.
While Daddy is getting ready for his  first fire..
We enjoyed posing and looking at worms, acorns, and other  bugs around.
They love throwing rocks on the stream.
Ms. Burrito can walk up and down the mountain with no problem but Mr. Burrito   catches his breath really easy.
Ms. Burrito took some of this photos.
Father and son bonding.
Have a nice day everyone!

Welcome.. Oink.. Moo... Baa

I took a shot of this cute welcome display at my BIL's home in NC  Aren't they cute?  Oink, Moo, and Baa welcomes you to camera critters hehehehe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shining Through

Photos were taken when we were driving hom from Chuck e Cheese some two weeks ago.
How's your day everyone?  It's a little chilly over here and we are expecting  rain and thunderstorm later today.  Tomorrow, another snowfall is expected whoa, when is this snow going to end lol.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hand and Eye Coordination

Ms. Burrito has a very good hand and eye coordination. She was really good with those games at Chuck e Cheese. Mr. Burrito on the other hand just wanted to insert tokens everytime his sister is done with one game.
Hubby was impressed how good she was in shooting the ball in the basket.
Most  of the frequent visitors to my blog knows that we call our daughter Rylie, but that isn't her first name, it is Jillian.  So our Jillian qualifies for J in ABC Wednesday.  Please click the badge to  play with us.

Make Up Work

When Ms. Burrito got sick, she wasn't able to go to school for a week so when she got well and went to school again, he folder was full of Make Up Work for us to do.  It was a lot of assignments but Ms. Burrito and I together with Daddy did it in one setting, she did not want to do it in installment.

I am very proud of our daughter, she is a hard worker when it comes to  school stuff.
Her collection of pencils at home.  Aside from rocks, she also collects  different kinds of pencils.
After  doing the assignment, bonding time with Mommy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sign of Spring

We have a cool day today unlike yesterday which was hot. I am glad the kids got to enjoy the warm weather yesterday. I walk around our backyard to see if my plants are coming back to life, these two are some of the signs of Spring.
Champ got exhausted playing with me yesterday.
Can't wait to see my rose bloom again.  Maybe I will get to see it's full bloom since  our former dog, Chelsea, isn't here anymore (she used to eat my flowers in the garden hehehe).
Above is one of the dianthus I had last year  I hope that they'll come back again this year.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating St. Patrick

We wore green yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. And guess who else wore gree? Our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ.

He didn't mind wearing the shirt.  I think he feels weird with clothes on though lol.
Here he is yawning, telline me that the occasion is boring hahaha.
You look handsome in green Champ!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Haircut Crew

Before we went to Chuck e Cheese last weekend, my husband have his hair cut. 
He let the kids cut it first and then I finished it when Ms. Burrito's arm was falling asleep lol.
Mr. Burrito did not want to  cut  because he was afraid to mess it up.  He did however, clean up all the hair by the vacuum.  Good job kiddos, we're so proud of you!
Presenting the haircut crew at at our humble abode.
This is  a way to teach your kids how to trust.  My husband trusted the kids to cut his hair and they really do appreciate it.   
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