Thursday, April 8, 2010


One special treatment that my husband give to our dogs is to take them for a walk every evening before they go to bed. They love it as they sleep good and they give them exercise too. It also give my husband his daily dose of exercise. Here she is after their walk last night, she was so exhausted.

Rylie is Registered in St. Joseph School

We went to St. Joseph School today and registered Rylie to Kindergarden, we paid 40 dollars for registration. I regret not to get the full information that I want because our son freak out when one of the teachers tried to give them a tour while I was doing the paper work so we left without me getting the full details but anyhow, I plan to go back there again.

Sunset In Park Avenue

My husband was taking a shower the other day and he hollered at me to look at the window because the sunset is beautiful. This my friends is the sunset view at Park avenue. Happy Sky watching everyone, hope you have a great weekend.