Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Remembering Our Veterans

This post has been  sitting in my draft folder  since August but I did not have the courage to post  it but since  Veteran's day is coming up, I am now publishing it.  After  my father-in-law died  in March,  we lost another  beloved veteran in our family.

We might not  be related by blood but he certainly was a huge part of my little family.  Don and his wife Ruth were there  for us especially my kids  ever since we bought our first home in Park Avenue.  Don died  of  brain cancer.  He was diagnosed earlier this year and passed away in August.  He was a great man, he was like a true  grandpa to my kids and a father to me.  We loved him dearly.  He was a Vietnam veteran
The Fancher's have always been there  celebrating especial events and milestones of our kids.  Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, and  even on ordinary days, they were always around.  He was our  constant companion in our regular walks during the summer.  It was a  huge shocked to us because he  was the most active guy we knew around the neighborhood.  A very social man who was a friend to everybody.
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We had so many great memories with him and his wife.  There are two families that we are so close with when we still live in Park Avenue, we were always  together every time, my kids have events or special occasion.  He taught my kids so many things like  doing handstand, climbing up on their  shed roof, eating edible  grass, biking, and  so on and so forth.  I can  write a book if I list everything but yes, he will be surely missed. 
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This was the last time we all got together. These were taken in January of this year. We hosted a little birthday celebration for our son at our new home.

 The song below  is dedicated to all the men and women in uniform who are currently serving and for all of those who sacrificed a lot to serve our country. 

This post is  dedicated to all  the veterans, my husband included, his late  Dad and Uncle (WW2 veterans), our late neighbor Don,  and to all who served.  Thank you for your services and your sacrifices.