Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Celebrated Our Daughter Rylie's 13th Birthday

My oh my, where did the time go?  I feel like 2018 is slipping away so quickly.  I don't even have the time to  write about everything that we  have done this year.  I am still trying to catch up with the adventures we had last year, tsk, tsk.  So much have happened this year that I don't even know where to begin lol.  Oh well,  the good thing is, I haven't miss any of my children's important events, being present in the moment is what matters.
Anyway, we officially  have a teen at home.  Our daughter  turned 13 in July and we were on vacation when she had her birthday.  We met up with our family friends who  flew all the way from Texas and we had  fun in Kentucky.  Their  presence  made  her birthday extra special.  They brought  a cake and gifts at our hotel and we celebrated.  We met their youngest daughter for the first time and we all had a blast.
Thank you very much Dias Family!   We've known them ever since I started blogging, the only one I knew from the blogging world who became my real friend and eventually my whole family's friend.  It's awesome when you can meet someone and  ended become your guinuine friend.
When we got back home, we gave  her the  presents.  I pre-wrapped  them before  we left to Tennessee so she wasn't expecting it.  So far her treenager attitude is tolerable.  She doesn't act out, she's always mature in dealing things except when she is frustrated with her  homework.   She is a smart cookie and does her projects in advance but when  there's so many to be done at once, she get overwhelmed  and  cry in frustration.
Our daughter is not really good in  expressing her emotions so I was surprised that she got emotional reading our messages.  She is growing up after all.

Hugs and kisses are the best  gifts.  Just being there for each other is  enough and the most important.
I am blessed to have such great kids.
I am glad that she doesn't have an attitude that I can't tolerate.  She is growing up  to be a respectful, well-mannered young lady and I am grateful.
I just can't believe that in few years, this young lady will start driving.  Being a parent is such a blessing.   I think that you really have to invest time if you want to see your kids grow up because it doesn't take long, they grow up so fast.  I am  glad I get to spend all of my time  with my kids.  I got my husband to thank for this opportunity for letting me stay at home and attend to our children's needs.  We might lack in financial aspect but that's the sacrifice we  are willing to make to  raise our children the way we wanted them to be.  I hope and pray that we could continue to be good parents to them.