Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blessed Week

My husband's boss gave him two days off and that is something I considered HUGE MIRACLE because it's a once in a blue moon occurrence lol.. For that I had lots of time cooking food. I remember when me and my husband first met online, I told him right away that I don't know how to cook (I don't like cooking before). It's just now that I realize I love cooking pala.. Thanks to the recipes online ^_^. We have a schedule of power outage tomorrow so I prepared some food today that won't require cooking, they can just heat it up while I'm at work.. Good thing we bought charcoal today, or else they will eat frozen food tomorrow lol..
I made 30 rolls of lumpia, I sauteed the ingredients first before rolling them. I like it that way because it's very good when you bake them. Baking the lumpia instead of frying makes it stay crispy even if it sets for hours.
We ate nilagang baboy for lunch, uhhhhmm sarap! Luvvyduvvy baked a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.. He don't want me to post this picture because it isn't aesthetically beautiful (the pineapple shifted and we forgot to buy cherries). But i disagree because it tasted sooooooo damn good.. I'm the one who sampled it first lol..


My daughter want to eat pusit (squid) so I made her adobong pusit.. I was craving for fish, so I fried my favorite sword fish (liwit, langkoy, espada or whatever u call it in tagalog hahaha).. We ate that kind of fish growing up, so I missed it..
We ended up just eating the fried fish, my kids love it too.. I just kept the squid adobo in the fridge for tomorrow, that way I don't have to cook lol..

seafood goodies

We went to the newly opened Home Plus near our place just to get out of the base. As we walked by the food isle/section we found this gorgeous sea foods. I suddenly crave for sea foods so we bought different kind of stuff: fish, squid, shrimp, crabs. We a also bought corn on a cob..